Alumni Club of Houston Book Review: Out of Pocket by Kirk Herbstreit, Gene Wojciechowski

Our board of governors received advanced book copies of Kirk Herbstreit’s book, Out of the Pocket and had the wonderful opportunity to read the book and share our book review with our audience on social media:

“Kirk’s memoir, Out of the Pocket, takes us through his uplifting life journey. While he is well known as the face and voice of college football, he candidly opens up to us about his personal life and imperfections. He grew up in a dysfunctional family strapped for money at times, and sports became his escape. As a native-born, die-hard Buckeye, we witness his dream come true with his decision to play for Ohio State and his struggles and triumphs along the way as he follows in his father’s footsteps. He humbly shares with us the significance of receiving a full scholarship without which he would have forgone college. 

Kirk brings back memories over decades of Buckeye football. His recall of games and plays as well as his teammates, coaches, and the opposition boil up the thrills and agonies we OSU fans have experienced. Post football, to learn he turned down a well-compensated position for a radio show spot reveals his passion for sports broadcasting. His success in landing the ESPN job and later College Game Day due to his work ethic is an inspiration to us all. We admire Kirk as he depicts his dedication to his family and coworkers, particularly his second father, Coach Corso. His book allows us to gain insight into the respectful man he is behind the camera and his values. Kirk’s story and the lessons he learns cannot help but invite us to reflect upon our own experiences as we navigate life. Perhaps we can identify with part of his story and learn from his experiences and wisdom. As we have endured the pandemic and now mix up of conferences, we can only hope Kirk, through his book and his presence in the media, can influence and help us maintain the tradition of college football as we cheer on our beloved Buckeyes. O-H-I-O”

—The Ohio State Alumni Club of Houston Board